I`ve been really sad lately. I don`t know but last time, I was trying to talk with my friends but no one answered me! And most of my friends were offline! Dad weren`t there because he was busy on his job :/ And I turned really crazy and I was like... I don`t know what to do. So yeah, I turned to someone so black >< I do look like Goth? Emo? RIGHT? ahah lol! 

    ♠»ßôŠž¬ ¢нєѕ¢α saw me at the park on my 2nd day of drama-thingy and when I came back to normal.... she turned to the Emo-tic mode, lol. Well, I burst out my feelings while I was talking with PR`s N...BUT GOSH! It was almost 32 hours that I`m Emo! ahaha! Cuz no one pay attention about me. But I think I kno why. I don`t wear my usual outfit like they were used to... :))

    And yeah, Everything is fine now...Back to normal! Most of my friends were online again and talking to me. Lol! I really don`t know what happened! It `s like they planned  it and I don`t like it... >< And this morning, I met a guy and he was sad too like me...same time.. same day. :))) 


It`s been a while since I got BJ!!!

    Before I AFK, I met a guy and I copied his clothing. LOL! It`s my hobby already! XD meet ™†PicoChu†™


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