iTribe and Mako


 「 ιℓσνєуσυ 」 
ρєρρєя ๑★ω★๑
「 ιнαтєуσυ 」

    I`m considering this day as the 『 iTribe 』 day. I wanted to make a Welcome Party but the old members weren`t online that time. AND, I have to go out cuz` I have club... so, we didn`t celebrate the party. OH well, right now... I`m completing our solo pics and I`m going to post them here were you can see around my blog :)

    If you are interested to join our Stone Age group, please see 3Ray(Alpha) or MaiRie Etoile-me!(Beta) or a member to inform us. You can find us at Tagalog Park 1 or Tagalog Park 2.

Thank you!

With my Twins <3
ρєρρєя ๑★ω★๑ and
「 ιнαтєуσυ 」

    A while ago, I was checking my buddies and I saw my friend... Mako Chan. I noticed that he`s not online for looonnnggg and I`m missing him already. I met him last year at reversi and I was having a hard time to beat him. Well I never beat him. EVER. We used to talk about movies and he always ask me about the tagalog language. He said that, he really loves Philippines and I`m really happy about it.

   But now, I don`t know where he is. I missed him so much :( I hope I have contact with him so that I know if he`s okay `cuz I don`t know what happen to him! Lol! I love Mako! He`s one of my besties in pico. And I will never forget him! I wish we can talk soon or in the future. I`m finding a way right now to find him cuz I missed him so bad. He didn`t say anything about he`s quitting in pico or something. He just disappeared! And so, I tried to ask he`s friends in pico... and I`m really counting with their replies! OMG! ><

    All I want to say to him is..."Many people is waiting for your return Mako! We missed you!" :)


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