Voie Lactée

    I remembered how proud I am to post that the Lesser Panda I got is probably the first one who got adopted in pico world last August 27, 2012. Today, when I went on, Faith suddenly message me that there is a White Lesser Panda in the farm where she's located so I sent back Voie Lactée to the farm and hurriedly followed Faith. Sadly, it was gone.

    And that was the time I feel so awful about my self. I feel so bad, I such a bad owner. I even told my self before that I can't do such a thing but I just did it thinking only my self and not how Voie Lactée will be. Seriously, I missed Voie Lactée. I wish I could rewind the time, I wish I put the satisfaction first before busting out an action with out thinking. I'm really regretting what I did and I really feel sad now. Seriously, even in real life. I don't want to remember what I did and I don't want to get any other lesser panda anymore. Just Voie Lactée will be the only lesser panda in my heart. I'll miss you :(

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[CE]ыὗέᾟợṝἷẕởᾖ said...

aww i feel sorry for u D': i know how it feels like

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