After 1year, 7months and 21 days and finally Pure♦Light's relation had reached the limit and got the last trick!!!!

    Mia joined me on celebrating her supposedly-cat's completing the relation. And probably soon, Mia will buy her own cat since both of my cat pet's are already completed. Remember? If you have been reading our posts for long, we have mentioned about Pure♦Light that Mia put AG on her account but it went in on my account. I don't know but she was playing my character before she went in on her's. With out any confirmation added like 'Are you sure this user is you?' like what Ameba Pico just added to confirm your pico, she purchase it with out being aware it can possibly go in to the previous account you log in.

    Well, I'm so happy after a very long time, one of my pet have completed the relation again. Ang next is,

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


Sasha San said...

omg , cat meat.. aha .. BTW your pet is cute ...:)

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