The title and happening today really reminds me of this, Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi'. I really love her songs and in the Paparazi MV, even though she's already disabled, she's still sexy. Lol. Well, for today, I am not really pertaining that my pico looked sexy but it's just about the song and the title for today reminds me of her song. So, I made another picture after 'The Fame Monster'.

    Well, for today, I went online and it's been a while since I went to Tagalog Park. I just missed the old days, my newbie days after I became addicted in reversi, I used to stay there. I had friends there but I can't find them anymore, but still, some of there are in my buddy lists.

    Yesterday, I went to Tagalog Park and AFK-ed for a while when suddenly someone already copied me. I didn't really know at first and I even got confused with which was really my pico. And surprisingly, it was Faith Étoile. Well, I didn't really find our closet the same when I went in to her account that's why I'm surprised when we had same items. XD.

    And then, we took a picture with some of our friends and people who were familiar with us. The two girls really look like a paparazzi xD Also, the timing were really great plus the props effect. I really love this picture!!! When suddenly...

    It went out crowded on that place X_X I don't know but it quite surprised me, I rarely go to that place XD But I'm really happy to meet them all since it's been a  while since I went out and had time with many people. But, I can't remember them all >_< and then after a while...

    Nayumi came to us! It's been a while since I saw her going around because she's always inside her room, AFK xD Then so, I got curious what around so I zoomed out.

    It was all crowded only in that place!!! Almost of there people were in the left side where we were staying. Lol.

    I wanted to take a group picture like what we were trying in this photo but it was quite hard to tell them since I'm already lagged. I wanted more photos, more remembrance T_T

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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