Summer Vacation

     Hello guys! MiaRi here. I'll be soon quite inactive in the game because of some preparations I have to do in real. Things are quite hard for me to handle now. I need a lot of rest and remove other things in my mind. I really have to relax. I want to remove in my mind that I have to do 'this' and 'that'. Just for a short time since it's our summer vacation here in Japan, I want my mind to be free and I got lots of homework to do as well. Every summer in Japan, we have much of home works and it's part of our requirements.

    Time will come, I'll be rarely in the game much rarely than I'll be now. I want to focus in my studies and I don't want to have problems with it. This year will be the last year of my high school life and next year I'll be in university. Entrance examination and interviews will be until January 2013 so maybe till that time I won't be active. Not sure though but I'll try my best to stay on the game as long as I can :)

   But for now, all I can say it I'll still be helping out Mai on doing this blog. I'll be helping her ot make this blog lively. That's all. ^^

★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


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