Hello our dear friends! I'll be going in Philippines tomorrow around 20:00/8:00PM and will be arriving in 27th of July around 00:00/12:00PM and I am so excited! It's been 7 months ago the last time I visited the country to spend our New Year there.

    Many of you are wondering why I know Tagalog. Well, it's all because I used to live in the country for long time that's why I know the language and I can speak fluently. But that's only in chat but for real, I can't speak that well anymore. I mostly think before talking because it always makes my twist.

    I love the country even though it's hot. I love the foods there specially the traditional ones. I'll be in the country for almost 4 weeks so I might have a lot of time to play the game. But I am not so sure because we will be preparing my 18th Birthday debut in the first week of my vacation that's why I can't say everything clearly now but surely, I'll be busy.

    For all the pico users who will see me around, feel free to call me. I would love to meet you guys!

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Hatsune Miku said...

Mai not really it's not hot in philipines >.< it's raining in the philipines ._.

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