Étoile Royal Symbol

Étoile Royal Symbol
The current Étoile Logo from 2012-2013

Étoile- Everyone knows now that 'Étoile' means star. But why 'Étoile' or star? Before MaiRie and MiaRi turned out to be an Étoile Sisters, the whole idea was from MaiRie. MaiRie's real name means 'star of the sea' in french and she loves the star shape ever since then. And so, because she wanted the name to be connected to hers, she decided to make it 'Étoile', a word in french which means star. While, MiaRi's name in real life means 'future' , she thought that it'll be a nice idea if her name's meaning would turn out to 'future star'. Then so, she accepted Mai's idea without any doubt.

Past Symbols

Yellow/Yellow Gold Color- This color symbolizes happiness, joy as well as wisdom. "Yellow!" is the Étoile's past Queen's name..
Red/Royal Red Color- Family Royal color of Étoile. Symbolizes confidence, prosperity and love.
Crown - There's actually two crowns in the logo. First crown symbolizes the "Royal" which symbolizes every member. The second crown symbolizes the "Royal" division in the family.
White fur - From Étoile king's name, "White". White color symbolizes "Purity".
Golden Leaf - Symbolizes the Nobles division in the family from Dukes to Barons.
Star - which is "Étoile"
É - from the french word of Star which is Étoile.
Rhombus - in other term, Diamond. the 6 stones are diamond gem stone Diamond symbolizes purity, incorruptibility. Diamond is a triangle that was join together and became whole which symbolizes achievement and perfection, election of pure and uncorrupt.
4 oval red stones - The 4 siblings in the family, the two twins which are (from left to right) Mackenzie, MaiRie, MiaRi and YaSuo.
2 circular red stones -is located below the crown symbolizes the King and Queen.
Glow - it's because of the stars in the sky that glows. This also symbolizes "Hope".
Curve lines - from the Golden Leaf connected to every part of the logo symbolizes our unity. And the word "Family".