Airport Challenge!

    Hello Readers! Got new challenge again for this week! This would really suit for those people who loves to travel in the game and as well as in real! So why don't you guys try this new one out?! 

June 1~June 5  (23:59 GMT)

in Slot Area

Win C$1,000(from the start)
→ Almighty One x5, Almighty Three x5

Win C$5,000(from the start)
→Airport Lounge Chair/wh

Win C$30,000(from the start)
→Airport Lounge Floor/rd

Win C$70,000 (from the start)

→Airport Lounge Wall/bk

Win C$150,000 (from the start)
→Airport Lounge Dress/wh, Airport Lounge Hat/wh, Airport Lounge Table/gn

→Airport Lounge Outfit/wh, Airport Lounge Hat/wh, Airport Lounge Table/gn

The first 500 users who make C$150,000 will also win

Airport Lounge Window (airplanes are actually moving)!!

Of course you are able to use casino perfum

★Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 


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