Grand Royal Promenade!

    Thank you very much for Almost 300 entries in Étoile Royal Promenade 2012: Prom King & Queen Search! We're already checking every photos that was submitted on time and judging by every Étoile so isn't really exciting?! We'rereally grateful to see a lot of people joined our event for this month. It's been a year since we're helding events and giving away some prizes!
Past Events:

2011 2012
Étoile Sister's Tour
Étoile Prom Event 2011(AG)
Just A Dream Photo Contest(FV)
Étoile Room Contest (AG)
Étoile Search 2011
Alice in Wonderland Anniversary Party
Étoile Anniversary Photo Contest
Étoile Anniversary Grand Night
New Year Photo Contest(AG)
Just A Dream Trivia(AG)
Étoile Prom King & Queen Search(AG)
Grand Promenade

    So from the first event till the Grand Promenade, we had held  more than 12 events! Please take note that the VIP, PRB and other Étoile events aren't included here yet. So join us to the Grand Promenade this year, join us in the party with special performances and announcements!

What:  Étoile Grand Promenade 2012
When: July 23, 2012. 8:00PM//20:00
Where: Alice in Wonderland
Étoile Royal Promenade First King & Queen Winners
Pico Rock Band Announcement
New Video Release!
Mai & Mia: Room 4
Just a Dream (Mai & iDomo)
You Belong With me (Mai & YaSuo)
Born This way (Mai & Mia)
Skyscraper (Mia & Ranzi)
New Song*
Pico Rock Band, Étoiles
England (London) 12:00AM//00:00
Canada (Otawa) 4:00AM//4:00
U..SA (New York) 7:00AM//7:00
France (Paris) 1:00PM//13:00
Germany (Berlin) 1:00PM//13:00
Netherlands (Amsterdam) 1:00PM//13:00
Lebanon (Beirut) 2:00PM//14:00
Indonesia (Jakarta) 6:00PM//18:00
Philippines (Manila) 7:00PM//19:00
Hong Kong (Hong Kong) 7:00PM//19:00
Singapore (Singapore) 7:00PM//19:00
China (Beijing) 7:00PM//19:00
Malaysia (Kualalumpur) 7:00PM//19:00
Japan (Tokyo) 8:00PM//20:00
Australia (Sydney) 9:00PM//21:00

    We will be Updating this post for more days so stay tune! :D

Étoile Royal Family
☆★Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile & MiaRi Étoile
Last Moderate 6/28/2012


Ammie Candy said...

Yey! Hope i come

ριzzα:D said...

What's your Pico names Mai and Mia? The favorite list is gone by now, how could I go to your rooms?

Please answer :D

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