Luxy Challenge

    Another challenge in the virtual world! When I saw the items, I didn't doubt on getting the challenge. I really love the color just like Mai and Mia style. Pink and Blue! Besides, the wig is very pretty. It's me and my twinny's original hair color! So yeah, we did our best on doing the challenge. Though, it's hard. Mai actually spent about 1,000 AG just for stones. So here's Étoile Sisters with Jad Étoile and Selly Étoile!

June 22~June 27  (23:59 GMT)

in Slot Area

Win C$1,000(from the start)
→ Almighty One x5

Win C$5,000(from the start)
→ Almighty Three x10

Win C$40,000(from the start)
→Luxury Flower Vase/wh

Win C$80,000 (from the start)
→Flower Luxury Floor/pk, Flower Luxury Wall/gn-pk

Win C$180,000 (from the start)

→Flower Luxury Dress/bl-pk, Flower Luxury Earring/pk, Flower Luxury Girly Wig/bg

→Flower Luxury Outfit/bl, Flower Luxury Mant/rd, Flower Luxury Dandy Wig/bg

The first 500 users who make C$180,000 will also win

Flower Luxury Swing/wh!!

Also, all the players who won C$180,000 during the weekend will receive

Flower Luxury Window/wh!! UNTIL 6/24(23:59GMT)!!!

★Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 


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