Bye Tigers

Have you ever tried to send your tigers back?

    This is the first time I did this, ever! Well, I didn't really sent my Tiger back to the shop... I just tried how it look like and it looks so sad! Can you see those tears? She's crying! When I saw it it really gave me a heart break and I was like "I will never try to send you back again". It's really a heart breaking for me and I don't want to see the tears anymore! No more sad moments~ Won't give my pets sad moments anymore! But, maybe I'll make it hungry sometimes XD

☆Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile


myrtle_sparkle said...

Uhmm.....I Just noticed...Mai Locked her room and well..You guys started to become inactive for like...i dunno maybe the whole summer time in philippines..so when i was about to go to school i had to check your blog to see if you were back...then i just thought...By the time it was summer....they were gone....the time school is back...their back...quite confusing..ALthough we do want to know why you guys were inactive..school maybe?

Yoshi Rawr said...


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