Made in Heaven

    Our mom called us to visit Japanese Park 1 because there is something incredible happening! So I went there bringing Mai's account and saw the amazing thing! The sky keep on changing infinite!


    It was so amazing to see and yeah, this is a new cheat. You can do this cheat inside your room ( if you have sky wall) or anywhere in the park as long as the sky wall exist. Well, there was a noob account there, seems like a Japanese guy who's doing it and he keeps on saying "Made in Heaven" and then he poofs. Then I met a cat ( she told me not to say that she's a.... so to hide her nationality.. I called her cat) and let's just hide her on the name "cat" since I forgot to asked her if it is fine if I put in public her name. We talked about the sky changing and of course, she told me what she knew about doing this but she didn't tell me exactly how to do it. Well, anyway, not that interested, I don't mind. So yeah, we kept on talking about things until we became friends. ^^

   Check out the video I took while the miracle is happening!!

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


Lolita Sisters. said...

They download something so they can be big. They also can settings the word that what should they says then they will become bigger. I'm not understand that they so love for being banned ?


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