Chloe's house

    On the time me and Mai went to Chloe's house, just before we take our pictures, there are picos who asked us if they  could take picture with us and then they asked if they can interview us.

     Well, mostly mai answered it ahaha. I'm too lag to talk with them that time. So sad, I hope, next time,... I'll get chance to talk with them more! Oh, and also, check out their blog post about us : A day with Étoiles

    Oh and also, if you guys have blog posts, videos or anything that is related with us (Me, Mai, Étoiles or about VIPs), feel free to share it to our Fan Page! And we would love to see your messages to us. Also, we don't know.... you might get mentioned to our blog! ; ) So don't be afraid on sharing because we love to share ^^

-Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile


Ĵɛƨƨιɛ Δℓιcɛ said...

Hi Mai,Mia..what the song name of the video?

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