Recycle Campagin

    After Quite long time! Finally can recycle in exchange of 50 GM again!!! YAY!!! MORE MONEY MONEY MONEY! *0*

Quoted from Chloe:

Hi, Picos!!!

Have you been changing into autumn clothes??
Well it is time you must update your closet into new season fashion!!!

So, we are holding a very special campaign!!

from TODAY~ Oct. 2 3:00 (GMT)

As you know, when you recycle your clothes or furniture from your closet, you earn 10 gummies in return.  However during this term of campaign,

you will be able to get 50 gummies!!
That is 5 times as much as usual recycling!!

Below are the ways to recycle:

*Please keep in mind, you will not get Gummies after 100th item in a day. 
(meaning that the limit of items that can be recycled into gummies are 100.) 
Take this opportunity and recycle your clothes and furniture to earn Gummies!!!

Have an Eco-Pico Life!!!

★Étoile Sisters
MiaRi Étoile 


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