HOT 30

    First of all, I would like to thank those people who ring my house, props, faved and speacially the ones who always support me! Because if you, now I`m in HOT30. 

Do you want to know how to be in HOT30? Well, read my story :D


   Last Monday, I really did my best and kept on making  lots of events... I really wanted to be in Hot 30, even just in Rank 30.... I`m contented. The next day, when I checked my Pico I was really surpised that I`m already in Rank 8 and not 30. I feel like "ain`t I jump too much? from the bottom to top?"

    And then the next day, I did the same thing because I was wondering that maybe my Rank can go up and so I made more events and then....My Ranking became 6th and then 2nd. And I noticed that, every time I opened my Pico there are already rings more than 100 :O

November 17,2010

I checked again when I got home and then I`m already in rank 6th

November 18,2010

And then  became 2nd on the next day...
I got more than 1,302 rings.

    When I was already in the 2nd ranking, I wondered that... Maybe if I do my best... more than I did yesterday.. Maybe I can be the HOT01... Because of the messages  in my board and the mails that I received, I had my self confidence. And then my ranking became HOT01


So if you want to be in HOT30 too... try my tips.?

★Always HOST an Event★
(make sure it`ll be interesting with the users)
★Need more FAVE and RINGS
(If they don`t, ask them:D I`m sure they`ll)
★Make your house interesting★
(This is very effective)

I know I can`t be the HOT01 forever, some one will take it over me, better than me :D
Good luck guys! I hope by reading this post, I gave you a hope and inspiration.


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