Reversi - Win Easily

    Hello Everyone! We will show you how to win in both white and black in reversi in a fast way. This may help you to complete your meter easily! The black one is old moves that is mostly done by everyone. And the white move, which I discovered long time ago when I used to play in reversi. This may help you on completing your meter everyday with your 2nd account! So We hope this will be a big help for everyone♥


Black Win Moves:

F4 D3 C4 F5 E6 F3 G4 E3 E2

White Win Moves

F4 F3 E3 F5 G4 H3 G3 D3 C4 B4

Other possible moves:
F4 F3 E3 F5 G4 H3 G3 D3 F2 F1
F4 F3 E3 F5 G4 H3 G3 D3 D6 C7
F4 F3 E3 F5 G4 H3 G3 D3 F6 F7

Reversi Board Guide:


-Étoile Sisters
MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


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