Étoile Event 2011

    Hello Everyone! We are the Étoile Sisters!

    Today, we are announcing our first event ever! This event is prepared by Étoiles and open to everyone in Ameba Pico World! We've announced last Tuesday, May 17, 2011 on our Fanpage that we'll be having a special event for everyone! We will be giving total of 1,000AG to the winners!


    Take a picture of you and your partner anywhere in Ameba Pico world starting May 23, 2011 to May 27,2011!

    Winners will be posted on Étoile blog and will be receiving 500AG from BryWIJ Étoile.

Étoile Photo Contest 2011

  • Date: From May 21, 2011 to May 27, 2011 and winners will be announce on May 28, 2011(Satuday)
  • Prize: 2 winners will be chosen by Étoiles will be posted on our blog + recieving 500AG each. The two winners will be contacted by BryWIJ Étoile. *Only one photo will be chosen. The BEST Couple Photo*
  • How to Join:
  1. Visit our Fanpage on face book and make sure you "Like" it for you to able to post your entry. <http://www.facebook.com/Etoile.Sisters>
  2. Submit your photo with your Ameba Pico Nickname and do not change it and your face until the winners are announced.
  3. Make sure you have your own originality with your photo.
  • Make sure your photo has originality
  • Do not change your Pico Nickname as well ass your face until the announcement.
  • Post your Ameba Pico ID with your Photo.
Special Thanks to
    BryWIJ  Étoile
    Étoile Family Membes

    -Étoile Sisters
    MaiRie Étoile X MiaRi Étoile


    ♠Oi♠BryceLoski said...

    Must be funny?

    Jean Royal É. said...

    Can Etoiles join too?

    Rebex said...

    wouldnt we have 2 tell u our email and pass if we win?

    ♠Oi♠BryceLoski said...

    Etoile can't join XD

    king bling said...

    hey can we post our pictures on blogs ?
    i am king bling from pico hope you tell
    me soon wheter we can submit pics on blogs
    ~king bling

    [αβɢ]→αииε_42← said...

    are edited photos acceptable??

    Etoile Sisters said...

    @king bling. U better post on our fan pages... But if u don't have Facebook... I think it's fine if u link it here. :)

    @Anne. I'm gonna ask brut later on :)

    Etoile Sisters said...

    @rebex . Bry found out other ways. Don't worry ^^

    ♥DQ姫系♥ said...

    can't wait for all the pics ^^

    Cat said...

    aww bry why cant etoile join ><

    BryWIJ said...

    @ Etoile Sisters @DQ Have u girls seen the pics?? a lot of exciting entries...i cant tell whos no 1 lol! most of em are actually good...hahaha

    AngelaDomo said...

    haha great event, guys ^^

    Nargacuga said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    ♠Oi♠BryceLoski said...

    haha i late post thr picture..... =="

    MiKuHaTsUnE said...

    i seen u in the prom room 1 all the time...well 2 times, today i seen u with my bf and ur twin! :D

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