Today I was spending my time with Happy Clover in side my house. We were waiting for Sєxqυιѕιтє  to help him in his ninja quest but Clover said he have to do something for a whileSuddenly, my laptop shut down and I don`t know why. When I came back... Clover was paging me.

    So yeah, I was so sorry that time so I explained to him what happened. And to kill our boredom.. we were changing our clothes like a fashion show. LOL

    I really want to have escargot. I`ve been saving for long and when I reach 80k, I`m starting to loose it. It just happened to me for the second time. Feeling like giving up but I shouldn`t. TT_TT And I think I should really start to save c$ soon, feeling that there will be new escargot soon.

Well, I was trying to ride on his escargot when....

And when he was about to help me...

     Well, that`s not the end of my Pico. Pico don`t die though. Like even how many times you fall from the roof. You will never die. XD

    Next was inside his house. My buddies followed me there. Denise Khew, Devilyn Khew, MaRie Étoile and a guest(who went into my house when clover was paging me) were there. Then we had some picture taking with them inside the golden room.

-MiaRie Étoile


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